Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Surf Symposium 2009

Once again in context of the Danish Canoe Federation I was part of the team organizing the danish surf symposium during the last weekend of September. With 70 paddlers we beat last year's record for a danish kayak surf event. Check the video for some surf action and interviews[in danish].

As for 2010 I hope we'll get some part of the EPP surf education running. Likewise I'd like to see danish paddlers taking on waveski paddling and ofcause run an even bigger surf symposium.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Surfing and Paddles

Friday I was out surfing at the west coast of Jutland. The prologue took place at a fully exposed beach with a nasty shore-break and ended by me flying and landing head first in the gravel. While I'm sure the beachwalkers found the incident amusing, I was happy for my helmet.

The surfing continued at the Fish Factory where we had one super surf session. For once I found I was really able to control the my surf kayak, changing direction at will and getting some super long parallel runs.

Engines running - lift-off (photo: Casper Gyldenberg)

Last summer I got hold of a second-hand Lendal Kinetik Wing paddle and I've been using it ever since for surfing. As you might know the Kinetik is of a hybrid flat/wing design. It is supposed to be usable for the wing stroke and steering strokes. Before I give my verdict I have to shorten the paddle. One thing for sure - it lacks the bite and grip of my normal wing.

Speaking wing paddles, I recently switched my Bracsa IV with a Lettmann Warp. First I planned to only use the Warp for sea kayaking but after 3 minutes in my Supersonic I was sold. I'll write an entry on the paddle after this year's Tour de Gudenå (4 weeks now)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Belt Sea Trip #10

About a month ago in context of the canoe federation I organized another Belt Sea trip. This was the 10th year in row I've been making this trip for experienced sea paddlers.

During the years along with various groups of paddlers we've covered most interesting crossings in the Belt Sea in all kinds of weather conditions.

View Belt Sea 2000-2009 in a larger map

The group this year was good - in fact it was the best "large" (7) group of sea paddlers I've ever paddled with. No problems whatsoever and all able to maintain an good speed. To state the obvious - being a trip leader for such a group is the the worlds easiest job.

Markell from German joined with his Sibir Interceptor. The Interceptor looked rather sweet in following wind and waves with apparently no tendency to broaching. Markell was really able to move the thing.

beltsea_aebeloeTowards Æbelø[Apple Island]. Photo Thomas Kittner

View Belt Sea 2000-2009 in a larger map

More photos here and a proper trip report by Bjørn Amundsen in danish here.

This concludes a nice string of Belt Sea trips. I'm working on a final article in danish on lessons learned and the like.