Monday, November 26, 2007

Sipre Katabatic Master joins the Fleet

Two weeks ago I picked up a second hand Katabatic Master. Actually is was the very same kayak I paddled earlier this year.

Now what changed my mind? The color! No not really though I do like my kayaks to be red and white. No I got the kayak for a good price, which means I dare to rearrange/rebuild the deck around the cockpit. Watch out for the Katabatic rolling machine! Considering I've got zero handyman skills, this promise is bordering on hubris.

I did consistently forward/forward style roll the Katabatic last week but I want a ultra low rear cockpit coaming(1.5 cm freeboard) to allow a sculling roll.

The Katabatic's Myspace Angle

Not quite as cool from this angle....

Katabatic Master

Not your average K1 rudder.