Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Escaping Planet Harbour

Onshore wind was back in force today which helped breaking up the ice in the harbour. The ice floes are currently around 1cm thick and I don't want to risk the kayak by smashing my way out.

I launched the Escape Pod and soon faced a heavy and confused sea at the harbour entrance with the jetty being washed in spray. As for my balance I was going to the limit. In my pre-Moskito days I wouldn't have had a chance staying upright in this boat in such a sea. Slowly and super concentrated I worked my way towards the coast and soon faced a more regular sea. Then I could relax and power on down the coast. No swim today.

It's March, it's bitter cold and I've taken a liking to paddle in mostly the same gear I use when running. Not sure what I'll do in case I capsize. Most likely I'll just run for the club - since I'm wearing the running tights already..

The Escape Pod performed admirable. Sure the bow was sometimes deeply buried in the waves - more so than with Miss M. - but I don't feel this had a noticeable slowing effect. The rudder worked like a charm. The tiller control is way better tuned than those in the Inuk and Moskito.

The onshore wind may continue - the pod and I are ready.
Escape Rudder

Escape Pod understern rudder

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