Sunday, May 15, 2005

Got my Vyneck at last

I have for 7 years been craving for a Vyneck of my own. Ever since I read Nigel Foster's Sea Kayaking and saw the photos I wanted one. Unfortunately it went out of production ages ago and was AFAIK never sold in Denmark.

However last year a used and somewhat beaten Vyneck turned up - brought to Denmark by a dutch paddler and was bought by my club. I've kicked myself ever since that I didn't buy it for myself.

Then last week the impossible happened. The dutch guy struck upon a brand spanking new Vyneck in Netherland - this time with the new deck layout. I couldn't believe my luck.

I brought it home today and took it for a short paddle and rolling session. Foot support is lacking and my knees bumps directly into the hull. But that's an easy fix.

I can't paddle with the legs raised as much as I prefer but the small cockpit still allow me to keep the legs together and pump/rotate in the forward stroke. As for speed I'm pretty sure the Inuk is faster but I'll have to do speed trials with a real paddle.

The Vyneck isn't a rolling machine as the aftdeck is too high. However to my surprise - forward style rolls were effortless. For the first time I even hit the "Throwing stick forward/forward roll" - three times in row.

I've uploaded a small rolling clip.

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  1. Congrats !
    You own a real piece of history !!